kencko | How it works
step one
go to the shop page

your daily boost

Head to the shop to pick a plan that works for you. You can stop after one box, or make it a habit. Don’t forget to claim a free shaker bottle with your first order!

step two
pick your products in the shop

pick your products

Members can customize their selection every month: browse our range of fresh & functional flavors to choose your ideal mix.

step three
products delivered

the goods, delivered

Standard shipping is on us. Just unpack your box, and you’re ready to shake up some seriously nourishing instant smoothies.

 step four
nutrition service

make friends with your nutritionist

Every member gets access to our nutritional support team for free. Call, text or email for help maintaining your new healthy habits.

step five
manage subscription

you’re in control

Manage it all online: Update your plan, flex your delivery frequency, skip/reschedule your next order or cancel any time.

step six
referral program

reward yourself

Turn your ‘five-a-day’ recommended fruit and veggie intake into a healthy habit. Good health is the ultimate reward.

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