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We’re totally bananas for fruit and vegetables. Here’s where we nerd out about nutrition, spill the latest healthy living secrets and obsess over our favorite flavors.


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kencko member spotlight: meet Erin

Meet Erin, one of our awesome members from Arizona. Like so many people who turn to kencko, Erin is busy — like, a two-hour-each-way-via-bus-commute busy — so getting enough fruits and veggies into her schedule has always been a challenge. But since starting her days off with an easy-and-quick-to-make kencko smoothie, she’s not only been getting more produce into her routine, she’s found this one habit has led to other healthy ones, too.

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5 ways to build healthy habits

Many of us love to make bold changes in the hopes that we can hit our health goals, whatever they may be. But forming healthy habits can be easier than you think and generally, it’s the small changes that set you for sustainable and long-lasting change.

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Food & Mood: Can a plant based diet improve mental health?

We already know that eating a diet full of fruits, vegetables, and whole grains is good for our health. And that a plant-based diet is kinder on the planet and full of healthful nutrients linked to strong heart and gut health. But did you know a plant based diet may benefit your mental health too?

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Are frozen smoothies healthy?

Does a frozen smoothie contain all the same nutrients as a fresh one? How does the freezing process work? Are frozen smoothies better for you?

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kencko's guide to winter fruits and vegetables

With shorter days and colder nights, it’d be easy to think that winter must be a rough time for fresh produce. But that’s not the case, at all.

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Debunking the "reset diet"

Promising immediate results and weight loss through a low-calorie, this 15-day diet focuses on eliminating and reintroducing foods. But does it really work?

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Guide to nutrient dense vegetables

Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber are all essential for health. Eating nutrient dense vegetables every day is a simple way to boost your health from the inside out.

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Guide to alkalizing foods

We don’t have to tell you that what you eat makes a big difference to your health. But should we eat more alkaline foods, and what exactly is an alkaline diet?

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What is lucuma?

Lucuma – “the gold of the Incas” – has for centuries been a natural remedy for various South American cultures. Let’s talk about lucuma, lucuma powder benefits, and more!

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How does kencko ensure its products are of the highest quality?

The unsung heroes of the kencko products you love are the dedicated members of our quality assurance team – here’s just some of the behind-the-scenes magic they perform every single day.

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What's the deal with those DNA-test-based nutrition plans?

Curious about those DNA tests that promise to help you sort out your diet based on your ancestry? We broke down the good, the bad, and the ugly about this latest health craze.

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Meanings and benefits of different fruit & vegetable colors

Fruits and veggies come in a full rainbow range of colors – but did you know that these colors signify different vitamins and nutrients contained within the produce?

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